Refugee hosting locations in Rhino Camp settlement, West Nile, do not have sufficient capacity to prevent or mitigate against conflict and violence between refugee ethnic groups, and with refugee hosting populations.

Since the onset of the refugee influx in July 2016, there’s increased competition for natural resources including wood for cooking, heating, and shelter; arable land for agriculture; and water. The rapid depletion of forest cover is affecting soil fertility, flooding, and drying up of water sources. Decreasing land productivity due to water scarcity and infertility is affecting food security and increasing conflicts with host communities. Refugee girls and women have to travel longer distances foraging wood, spending longer hours away from other productive activities, and being exposed to gender violence including rape. Mechanisms to prevent or resolve conflicts are weak. Local, religious, traditional, and youth leaders are mostly absent or underutilized in the management of conflicts. Institutions mandated to provide justice are poorly facilitated and referral mechanisms function poorly. Front line service providers including the police do not have adequate knowledge or skills to address cases of SGBV mostly against refugee girls and women. Such unresolved grievances can cause conflicts to escalate. Refugee and host community youth of secondary school-going age lack access to education. Such poor and idle youth can easily be used to cause violence and destruction owing to their cheap labor as well as desperation. Desperate and unskilled youth may be turning to recruitment into armed forces in South Sudan as an alternative to gainful employment.

The RESCOPE pilot project is empowering communities in Rhino camp refugee settlement to better manage conflict by employing a community-led and market-based approach through environmental protection and providing influential community assets (including local political, faith and cultural leaders; youth and women groups; and frontline service providers) with necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to co-exist peacefully.

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