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We focus on peace building; safe migration (refugee self-reliance and counter human trafficking); sustainable natural resource management; economic empowerment (youth and women); and organizational capacity development.


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Refugee Girls Trailblazing: Brenda Shina
Monday, 10 February 2020
Refugee Girls Trailblazing: Brenda Shina:By Emmanuel Munduga – ANCHOR   Brenda Shina (Source: ANCHOR) Brenda Shina is a shy 18-year old. A South Sudanese refugee who came to a...
The Untamed Wild event was a celebration of hope and love. Organized by Dwelling Places and Drew Tete Limited, the art exhibition was a first for many. Not the least for Patrick...
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Human trafficking:

‘Destitution breeds desperation’. We believe in the intricate nexus between economic exclusion and the prevalence of perennial conflict and forced labor in the region.

Africa remains a hotspot for human trafficking which has inflicted severe harm and vilified human dignity. ANCHOR champions against human trafficking through creating awareness about its devastating effects and investigates possible solutions to inspire grassroots action. We lobby policy decision makers and governments to establish proper regulatory frameworks to address the vice.

Counter Trafficking:

We seek a proactive stance against forced labor through advocacy and community development of at-risk groups.
ANCHOR promotes Prevention of trafficking in persons, Protection of victims of human trafficking and Prosecution of trafficking offenders through advocacy and community development of at risk groups.


Wildlife Protection:

Illicit poaching and trafficking in minerals and wildlife continues to be a key sustenance factor in fueling many African conflicts including the LRA. The group has gained notoriety for poaching ivory, trading in illicit diamond and gold in order to resupply with arms and equipment. ANCHOR works with other partners to promote wildlife protection, through supporting the establishment of early warning systems, research and advocacy.


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Building Peace & Prosperity

We work with national and international partners to deliver much needed expertise and programing to strengthen community resilience and recovery through: Peace Education; Vocational Skilling; Research and Advocacy; Defection Cycle Management (DDRRR); Logistical and Infrastructure Support; Organizational Capacity Development.

Fighting Human Trafficking

Trafficking in Persons is a form of modern-day slavery. Anywhere from 700,000 to 4 million persons worldwide are trafficked across or within national borders every year. ANCHOR is committed to building the capacity of duty bearers and frontline responders to improve Prevention, Protection, and Prosecution of Trafficking in Persons. 

War Recovery Programs

ANCHOR also partners with other local organizations in coordinating its life saving protection and recovery programs in war affected communities of the DRC, Central African Republic, South Sudan and Uganda.

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